An Australian man who for four years used a tiny camera hiddoen in the toe of his shoe to film up women’s skirts on commuter trams has been arrested by police.

The man used the device, hidden in a pair of black sneakers, to film women’s underwear, while a second camera disguised as a music player captured images of their faces to later match.

The man, in his 20s, was arrested after one woman became suspicious of his behavior on a commuter tram in Melbourne, a city of around 4 million, and spotted the hidden lens, Australian newspapers reported on Thursday.

Searching the man’s home, police later seized photographs and recording equipment showing the man had been secretly filming up female dresses for at least four years.

He is to be charged for stalking and being a public nuisance, carrying a maximum 10-year jail term.

My comment: Well, that’s what I call a high-tech voyeur.

Source: Reuters

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