By Harvey Tobkes

Before going to bed I washed my chest and applied an ointment to the keloid scars from surgery back in 1998, which tends to itch like crazy during the night when I am in a prone position. I was in a sound and peaceful sleep…and then I thought I was dreaming as I began to hear soft voices speaking. I awakened and with help from a nightlight just outside the bedroom, I was able to see 2 men and a woman, all 3 in black attire. That was a “Holy Shit!” moment. I blinked and then noticed the white EMS emblazoned on their shirts and then it all came together as to what was happening. Meanwhile, wifey Anita came awake and was angry. I had no idea what she was thinking….maybe she thought I croaked or was having a heart attack.

So what actually happened? Before jumping into bed, in order to wash my chest, I took off my Medical Alert, which was on on a lanyard around my neck, and I put in my right side pajama pocket and forgot to put it back on my neck. At a bit prior to 2 AM, I got up from the bed to urinate and I obviously, but inadvertently, pressed the emergency call button from the Med Alert. I was asleep so when the emergency operator responded to the call and got no answer she/he called 911 and dispatched them to my location.

When I originally got the Med Alert, I had to activate it. I told the person to note that there is realtor type lock hanging on the A/C closet door and I gave the number combination of the lock if ever EMS needed entry. So, the EMS guys got easy entrance without breaking down the door and we all had a good laugh over my bad dream. I thanked them for being so professional and as I opened the door to let them out I saw a collapsing stretcher with a bag of medical equipment waiting for me if I needed it. Seeing that bright orange stretcher was a “Thank you God” moment as it all happened by my being a bit careless.

Soon after hashing it all out for a sleep confused Anita, I went back to bed and slept like a baby..

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