By Harvey Tobkes

Yesterday, I went to our local Hallandale High School to register for an 8 week Adult Education PhotoShop course, which begins on April 18th.

What an experience! There was line-up of people at the entrance and I was tempted to leave, but somehow I waited my turn. Let me explain what caused the back-up…to enter the school you first stop at security. The guard is armed with a computer, a printer, a web cam and a metal detector. He needed to see my photo I.D. and then he took my picture and printed out a photo visitor’s pass; it was adhesive-backed. Next, he asked me to please step through the metal detector.

Prisoner I felt like I was entering Raiford, our state prison. Nice kids at these schools today! “Good to go,” said the guard, He then stuck the pass on my left breast and said, “second door on your right.”

On the way to registrar’s office, I was almost knocked off my feet, but not the way you would suspect. Strutting in front of me was a female student towering over all the other students, wearing red Lady Ga Ga type shoes with 6 inch spiked heels. As you can imagine, her legs went up to the moon but her dress was only about 2 degrees south of the equator.


Now I’m no snitch, Never was! But on the way out, I again stopped at security to return my pass and I told the guard one of the students was certainly in violation of any dress code, if they had one at all, and then I described her outfit, which would have been very appropriate if it were Halloween because her costume was very convincing; she was dressed as a Hooker or a Bada Bing girl.

‘Oh Yeah! I know her. That girl is hot,” was his reply.

I look forward to starting my class on April !8th; that gives me plenty of time to plan my back to school costume.

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