Gift boxesBy Harvey Tobkes

Anita and I have 3 wonderful children and they are very thoughtful and generous especially on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

This year they all got together and decided each would contribute equally to buy Anita a super Mother’s Day present and they really went all out and knocked her for a loop.

Today, when she opened the envelope addressed to Our Dearest Mom On Mother’s Day, she did not know whether to laugh or cry or cry and laugh. Let me explain:

Document lady

The kids gave her the deed to to a piece of Real Estate. Yep! Paid in full.

True, it is a cemetery plot in Mt. Hebron Acres, section Judah C, grave 8, and best of all, it is right here in sunny Florida. You may be incredulous but you have to admit it was a very unique gift and it required a good imagination and thinking “outside the box.” So… does that call for a “Hurray?” or an “Oy Vey?”

When Anita’s friends called to compare the bounty of mundane gifts they received, Sunday, Mother’s Day, she listened to:

Friend #1…I got a $200 gift certificate to shop at Nordstrom’s.
Friend #2…I got season tickets to shows at Broward Convention Center
Friend #3…I got treated to a beauty makeover at the Diplomat Spa & Country Club.

Valentine's geek

Well, Anita, of course, had the topper, but she was not quite ready to inspect the property and not the least bit inclined to occupy it.

So, now I have a sneaky idea what I am getting for Father’s Day…(property adjacent to Anita’s) and it does not bother me in the least. In fact, I am planning to do a site inspection next week, just to have a look around at the headstones. After all, I want to get to know who my neighbors are going to be.


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