By Harvey Tobkes

I just read a paragraph in a book that I would like to share with you. A doctor in the year 1500 is talking to his apprentice…

“You must see the powers of the medical art more clearly. A physician is able to ease the suffering of a small number of people. We fight their disease, we bind their wounds and set their broken bones and deliver their young. Yet, every living creature eventually must come to an end. So, despite our learning and skill and passion, some of our patients die, and we must not overly mourn or feel guilt that we are not gods who are able to grant eternity. Instead, if they used their time well, we must be grateful they experienced the blessing of life.

I especially like the phrase… , “if they used their time well.” When we reach the top of the mountain and start walking the downside of one’s life, it is truly a blessing to be able to reflect and say to yourself, I have few regrets; I enjoyed the ride.

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