By Harvey Tobkes

Yesterday, I got a call from Gordon Gordon, (a neighbor with 2 same names) who asked for help. He said he had heard from others in our building that I was an experienced computer user and he asked if I could help him, as he was unable to connect to the Internet.


I know what a frustrating feeling that can be, and I felt a bit flattered because I remembered all too well the many tmes I sought out help and had to contend with bad phone connections to people in India speaking with unintelligible accents. So, as you guessed, I readily agreed and at 7:00 PM, I tried wrestling with the likely culprits…Bell South, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, McAfee Security and Firewalls.

By 9:30 the problem was resolved and all was well. The next morning I received a Thank You e-mail in verse from Gordon, which helped somewhat to heal my bruised ego. Let me explain further.

Here’s what happened behind the scenes: That morning my wife Anita, had gone to visit our daughter Julie, and she intended to sleep there; it’s about a 1 hour drive north of here. Anita decided to see how I was doing at home alone, so she called here a little after 8 PM. No answer. Called again at 8;30, no answer. I am not usually the friendly, neighborly type who goes visiting people in the building, so that might explain why Anita overreacted, imagined the worst and then PANIC took hold.

My wife called my son Scott (he lives about 40 minutes north of here) to come down and check things out. He and his wife were pounding on the door, but there was no answer. They got in touch with the president of the condo who entered the apartment with a pass key, looking for me. Shortly thereafter, 2 Hallandale police officers were on the scene with a K-9 police dog. They couldn’t find me either. Then our daughter Julie, arrived with her husband to join the melee. If you ask if there was a rescue helicopter hovering over the building, I would say that would not have surprised me.


To give you the happy ending, at 9:30 I returned to my apartment…what a scene! I felt like I was being attacked by sharks; everybody wanting to know where the hell I was, and why I didn’t take my cell phone with me.

They were all sure I must have croaked in the apartment.

Well, I fooled them this time, and I hope there is never a next time.

It’s a good thing I wasn’t out all night on a wild date. They would have called the 101st Airborne to capture me, and then I might have been sent to Guantanamo for interrogation and or torture.

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