Maybe you had one as a kid, or knew someone who did. It’s the iconic little red wagon with the Radio Flyer logo. If so, you might not recognize the newest product dreamed up by the brain trust at Radio Flyer’s Chicago, Illinois, headquarters.

This wagon, called the Cloud 9, is equipped with enough high-tech bells and whistles to make the family minivan jealous.

“We approached this product much like an automotive company might with a concept car,” said Mark Johnson, Radio Flyer’s product development manager.

Outfitted with 5-point safety harnesses, padded seats, cup holders, foot brakes and fold-out storage containers, the sleek, curved Cloud 9 has every family covered for a ride through the park. But that’s just for starters.

There’s a digital handle that tracks temperature, time, distance and speed — just in case energetic parents want to track their split times around the playground. And there’s a slot for an iPod, complete with speakers, for some cruising tunes.

Source: Dvorak.org

Harv’s comment: The modern edition is too fancy for me. I’ll stick with the basic original one I had as a kid. I can still remember it and how much fun it was racing downhill like Juan Manual Fangio.

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