By Harvey Tobkes

It was getting near dinner time on a cold evening here in sunny Florida (50 degrees), when Anita said she would like to go out to eat as the only thing in the refrigerator was a light bulb. We had a discussion about where to eat and decided against Chinese or Italian food and agreed on going to to a nearby deli called TooJay’s, mainly because we both wanted hot soup to warm up and to split a pastrami sandwich.

After finishing an enjoyable meal, we were about ready to leave the restaurant when I noticed an old but lively, cheerful, old (and I mean old) couple wheeled in, both steering walkers to a booth in front of ours. Anita paid with her credit card and we got up to exit, but somehow as we were passing by their table, I knew I had to have another look at at the feisty couple and was a bit stunned. They were not opposite each other at the table, but seated side by side, and holding hands no less. I decided to open a conversation with a little polite humor so I asked, “Folks is this your second or third marriage or just a twilight date?” The old guy parried with…”It’s our 5th marriage as we renew our vows every 15 years.” At that, they both burst into laughter. My next question was…”I see you guys are holding hands, so really, how many years? He came back with… “Well, if you were good in math you would know we are married 75 years and we mostly hold hands to keep from killing each other, but if we are in a Mall, I hold her hand extra tight to keep her from spending money.” Both then went into high hysterics at his little quip which he probably used 1000 times before on nosey people like me. Truth be told, I was a bit in shock as my poor math told me even if he got married when he was 20, he had to be at least 95 years old.

As we left the restaurant, any thoughts about our delicious meal faded, but the memory of those two lovebirds gave me a warm feeling all over that outdid the hot soup on that cold evening.

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