Ever notice everyone’s on a low-fat diet after the heart attack? Everyone has time for their kids after the divorce? Everyone’s a financial genius after a bankruptcy?

Sometimes after adversity we recognize that we have been given a gift. A “Gift of Desperation” that changes us and our outlook for the better. In the end, it makes us a more successful person, too.

We can all recognize a “gift of desperation”. It’s the “aha” that comes at the darkest of times. Speak with anyone who has had a life-changing experience, and they’ll tell you how much it has led them to appreciate each and every day. They have a higher sense of awareness and focus on living each day with joy.

Still need convincing? Look how our country pulled together after 9-11-01.

We have gorgeous homes, but are hardly around to appreciate them. We eat at private lunch clubs, but we’re still hungry inside. Our expensive watches can’t keep our time from slipping away.

We are always rushing, rushing, rushing… we need everything to be perfect. Finally, if we are lucky, we realize that we have to stop waiting for life to get perfect to be happy.

Source: Excerpt from an article written by John Chappelear Profit From Losses

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