By Harvey Tobkes


Davie, is a Florida town founded on the idea of building a community based on a Western theme< rustic estate homes, horses, barns, rodeos, cowboy attire. Many of you know my son Scott is a chiropractor whose office is in a shopping center in the heart of Davie. So, here's a story his wife Betty told me last night that had me in stitches:

——————————–Davie Chiropractic Center———————

Scott wanted to spruce up the painted brick facing in front of his office. It was a small project, almost too minor to call a painter to do it, and yet he was uncomfortable doing it himself, after all, what would people or neighboring store owners think of a professional man looking like an ordinary painter. Would they think he was too cheap to hire someone or that it was beneath his dignity?

Scott thought he had the answer. Very early on a Sunday morning he stealthily went to his office with a tarp, paint and brushes, ready to tackle the job. He was just about finished with the project, squatting down to paint at the very bottom when something or someone nuzzled his behind. When he turned around and saw the animal, a riderless horse with no saddle, he was shocked but that’s not the half of it.

Seconds later, four Town of Davie Police cars pulled up with excited officers ready for the capture of the wayward stallion. The horse was placid and even decided that the parking lot in front of the office was an ideal place to unload some manure.

Smiling horse

I guess one of the cops got the same idea because he asked Scott if he could use the rest room.

Scott said, “Yeah! Go ahead! I’m just glad that horse didn’t use it.”

By that time about a 100 people had gathered to watch the show.

Monday, the local newspapers had the story and that took care of wanting to paint incognito

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