Mark Morford is right on target with his article about how nutsy we Americans are when something is offered for FREE! Below is an excerpt from one of his articles:

Free plane ticket! Free iPad! Free colonoscopy! Free tank of gas! Free extra set of cheap useless knives when you buy the two other sets of cheap useless knives! Free supersizing of your Coke! Free upgrade to premium membership when you commit to a 10-year contract!… Pay no money whatsoeverBigfish-lifish

Seriously! No money at all! All we ask in return: countless, endless chunks of your time, your brain, your intelligence, your health, your soul, your respect for nature, just a little bit of your ability to think and feel and care about the world.

Come on now, is that too much to ask?

Source: Totally Free! Click Here Now! / Our national obsession, the thing we simply cannot resist, the most magical word of all

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