…..Or the Story of the One Armed Chiropractor

Scott Tobkes in whitesIt happened yesterday while preparing for hurricane Ian that was was scheduled to hit us, my son Scott, the chiropractor, was attempting to install his hurricane shutters. He was doing a fine job, and then he needed to get up a little higher, so he climbed to that top step of the ladder (no rails to hang on to up there) and he toppled to the ground and broke his right forearm. He will be O.K. after a 4 week recuperation period. Incredibly, he is in an upbeat frame of mind. Some of his patients are going to be without their doctor, and that may hurt them, but it also hurts Scott (mainly in the wallet).

Scott’s wife Betty told us of the problems he is having. He has a plaster cast on his right forearm and that poses some difficulties. It seems that after a meal, a piece of food lodged between his teeth and was terribly annoying. Well, you can’t floss with one hand, so Betty and little Rachelle took turns playing dentist and trying to dislodge the debris, but they had no success. After a few unsuccessful attempts they realized they were working on the wrong tooth; only then were they were able to give the poor guy a little comfort and relief.

As for me, don’t worry! I was born clumsy and have unstable balance and ladders make me dizzy, so the only thing I’m climbing… is into my bed.

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