By Harvey Tobkes

My wife has a friend who is very funny without even trying to be. She did not attend college but has a lot of “street smarts” and home spun philosophy that is somehow always on the mark. One of her favorite sayings is, “Bastards Reign King”.

She contends, it matters not at all what kind of person you were in your life on earth, because it is a certainty that your tombstone will say something like:

Beloved Husband: (even though the wife hated him).

Loving Father: (he was never home and to him, kids were a pain in the ass and they felt likewise about their father).

Our Adored Grandfather:
(he would give those grandchildren a grudging hug and a pinch, then avoid those rascals like they had the plague).

Loved By All:
(Yeah! Now that he’s pushing up daisies).


So, “No More Nice Guy.” Do unto other before they do unto you. And NOT TO WORRY, your tombstone will have some beautiful words proclaiming you to be… A REALLY GOOD GUY!

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