By Harvey Tobkes

Allow me to preface this story by sharing some personal information with you.

My last 3 months in the army I was transferred into a Field Artillery Battalion and didn’t ever try to protect my ear-drums from the roar of the big guns. About a week after returning to civilian life, I noticed I had an embarrassing hearing loss problem.

Hearing problem
O.K. now the story: Today, I was taking my power walk at the beach. As usual, I was fully equipped. I had my water, sunscreen, sun glasses, my BMW cap, Pandora playing my favorite music from the Apple cell phone in my pocket. Mostly I carry it just to stay in touch with Anita and in case of an emergency.

Anyway, I was going along at a quick pace, listening to “California Dreamer,” when I heard the phone ring and for the first time, I heard it ring loud and clear. Bing-dida-bing, bing-dida-bing, went the musical tone. I was ecstatic…Holy Crap, I can hear crystal clear…miracles do happen; my hearing was back! I grabbed for the phone to answer the call and noticed…nothing as the screen was showing only the Home Page, but I continued hearing the Bing-dida-bing, bing-dida-bing…when I looked up, I saw a bunch of kids lined up at an ice-cream truck and the vendor’s chimes were loudly sending Bing-dida-bing on an amplified speaker. The chimes were very similar to those my cell phone uses to signal an incoming call.


A little voice in my inner ear said, “Harvey…you are not only deaf…you are dumb!”


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