My fellow Americans, what I’m asking you to consider is this: What if we added booze to a Frosty?

Such a bold idea is not for the timid, nor for people trying to keep their dignity intact. In service of such a radical notion, I took it upon myself to select more than a dozen mini alcohol bottles from my local liquor store, and got it down to the top three.


I hypothesized that coffee liqueurs would be welcome Frosty additions, and I was correct. A Frosty containing this coffee- and vanilla-flavored rum blend mimicked an after-dinner coffee; beginning the sip with chocolate before quickly transitioning to nutty, sweet coffee. It was quite a smooth pairing.
Score: 8 out of 10

Baileys Espresso Creme

This milky espresso booze fared as well as Kahlua, cementing coffee’s status as a wonderful Frosty companion. I got a distinct Mudslide impression from the sip, with pronounced chocolate-covered espresso bean notes. This is the (very) poor man’s affogato.
Score: 8

Rumple Minz

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had Rumple Minz since college. The peppermint schnapps flavor was a surprise hit in the Frosty, creating a sip that’s a dead ringer for melted chocolate chip ice cream. The texture was a bit thin, but the mint-chocolate combination was nostalgic and delicious.
Score: 7.5

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