By Harvey Tobkes

Roller CoasterDo you remember the first time you took a ride on a Roller Coaster? I’m sure it was scary… You cover your eyes, scream in fright; your stomach jumps out of your body, and then comes the sheer thrill of speed and defiance of gravity. It stops…you get off, and all is peaceful again.

Merry-Go-RoundOthers prefer the Merry-go-Round. It goes round and round and round and nowhere. No thrills, just steady and borrrring. The most exciting part of the ride is that you might be able to grab the brass ring, and sometimes you get lucky and they will give you a free ride. Eeecchhhh! More round and round! Possibly, it may give some of those steady riders a vicarious thrill to have grabbed hold of the prize, while mounted on their unicorn going Up and Down, Up and Down with the music playing. Sad to say, these journeyers to nowhere will never snare that prize in real life.
—————–Merry-Go-Round girl

Think about it! Want fun and success in your real life? Ride a Roller Coaster! but be prepared to swallow your fears, do what scares you, fight panic, get through the terrifying moments, because you are stronger than the steel on the tracks, and you know that this is just an interlude; momentarily the Man will pull the brake and you will step out onto solid ground.

Life is wonderful again, and you can exult because you chose to test yourself.

And you won!

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