By Harvey Tobkes

Here is a way to calm your mind when upsetting thoughts invade. This sometimes goes by the fancy name of …stress management.

Simply visit the playhouse section of your brain and envision a scene that is relaxing or peaceful to you.

Children in the beach

I live in Florida, so for me, I am at the beach almost every day, but sometimes I mentally visit the beach and you can too. I see the ocean in multi-colors of green and blue. I try to listen for the soft sound of small waves as they break against the shore; I smell the freshness of the air; I see the patterns of the white clouds in a cobalt blue sky.

And then I see and feel the joy of watching two small children chasing a pigeon on the sand.
Of course, they can never catch it, but they delight in watching it trot tanatalizingly just ahead of them; the pigeon seems to be joining in their little game. I am a spectator to their fun that nobody else even notices.

After a minute or two of imaging all that in my mind, I am rejuvenated and all is well with the world.

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