By Harvey Tobkes

I have been thinking about the many things I am thankful for, and reflecting over the past my mind takes me back many years to March 31st, 1953; it was my first date with Anita. At that time “Kismet” was a popular Broadway show; I got the tickets and we both enjoyed it very much, but I should have known there was something strongly prophetic happening that evening.because Kismet.

To cut a long story short, the outstanding hit song of the show, “And This Is My Beloved,” was the one we chose to be sung at our wedding.

So, as you all know by now, the word “Kismet” means Fate, and my Kismet would be to marry Anita.

For you young people, I am going to post below the picture of a wondrous miracle in life, and this will probably happen to you. After all, who knew when Anita and I first heard that haunting song, “And This Is My Beloved,” it would be the background music I hear when I look at our family portrait picture.

Someday, when you are my age and looking down from the top of the mountain, you too will be proud of what two people can create. I remember when it was just the two of us, now we set the table for 13.

—————-Harvey Tobkes Family Nov 2001——
**************>ALL YOU NEED IS KISMET*********

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