By Harvey Tobkes

——————————–Sophie II—————————–

This story was told to me by my nephew Freddie who is a clever and funny guy and I would like to share it here with you.

His mom, (my sister Doris), had a white poodle named Bo Bo who was cute beyond words and more intelligent than some humans. Bo Bo loved my sister’s home-made chicken and would do any dog trick you commanded.…as long as he was rewarded with a piece of chicken. Noooo! No dog biscuits or Alpo for this guy. Sadly, Bo Bo reached the advanced age of 16 and the poor guy croaked. My sister grieved over her little friend’s demise but then she seemed to be getting back to being the happy upbeat Doris we all knew and loved. The old cliché says “time heals all wounds” and so it was for Doris.

At a family dinner she was even able to talk in a rational manner about dog ownership. Freddie remembers her saying something like…”NOT ME! I won’t ever get another dog, it involves too much responsibility. Feed them, take them to the vet, wash & groom them, take them for walks so they can poop and pee. Oh no; not me, besides where would I find another dog like Bo Bo?” The family was happy to note that Doris was back on track.

One day Freddie went to visit his mom and she hardly looked up to greet him as she seemed to be deeply focused on an article in the Los Angeles Times. After he asked her what she was reading, she finally acknowledged him and excitedly announced…”Look at this; It’s a well written advert by some people who are moving to China; they are offering a 1-year-old white female poodle for sale and she is a pedigree with papers and shots and they will include her beloved pink basket bed, all her her toys, collars, leashes and other dog accessories; they are asking $600. that’s too much money, but how about we go take a look…not to buy…noooo just to look.

As a dutiful son, Freddie said O.K. and off they went. Doris told Freddie; she was going to play it cool because she was only mildly interested anyway and there was no way she would pay such an exorbitant price for a pet remembering that she bought Bo Bo for $100. Well, to cut a long story short. they met the owners and sat down to talk and negotiate.

Doris learned the dog’s name was Sophie which coincidentally was Doris’ grandmother’s name. Hmmm! Then Doris met Sophie as the dog surprisingly jumped into her ample lap, I guess it was love at first sight. At that moment, Sophie’s little tail was wagging 100 miles an hour and Doris’s heart was beating 200 miles an hour. So Doris mustered the little bit of restraint she held in reserve as she asked what they fed little Sophie. The woman nonchalantly answered… “Sophie just loves chicken, chicken chicken.

Whereupon, Freddie heard his mother wail….Freddieeeeee, write her check!

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